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The following copyrighted documents and presentations have been approved for distribution, in their entirety, both internally and externally. Please use and distribute them to anyone you believe would benefit from them.


Pelican sprint 3 updates will be deployed overnight, March 15, 2023. MISS DIG 811 members will be impacted by the following system improvements to OneCallAccess.



Excavator Positive Response

Utility Notes found on the downloadable PDF Positive Response page currently display the definition of the response code. The update will correct the discrepancy and the Utility Notes will display notes entered from facility owners/locators when responding to a ticket.

Definitions for Positive Response codes will be displayed at the bottom of the downloadable PDF Positive Response page

Map Features


Push pins may be set on the map as placeholders. Pins are for the excavator’s use only and are not transmitted with the ticket; facility owner/operators or their locators do not see the pins placed on the map. The user may perform multiple searches without losing previous search data by setting pins to mark reference points. This feature is useful for job sites with multiple dig locations, such as transmission poles, signs, or soil borings, or for marking beginning and ending points along a route.

The circle tool measures diameter, but the measurement box currently displays the unit of measurement as “Undefined.” The update will display "Diameter" in the measurement box that appears while drawing a circle.

Ticket Features

When a user closes the ticket entry page before submitting, the option to save a draft of the ticket will be displayed. The draft must be used or discarded the next time the user creates a new ticket. The draft is not saved when the user performs a copy, continue or any action based on a previous ticket. Drafts are for personal use only. The original user is the only one who has access to the draft. A MISS DIG 811 NSR cannot open a ticket an excavator started.

Currently, a draft may be accessed from the “New Ticket” button on the upper-right corner of the OCA homepage or on the ticket details page. The “New Ticket” button on the left pane of the OCA homepage does not currently provide access to the saved draft.


Helpful Tips Following an Update 

It is not uncommon after a major website change to see error due to cache and cookie settings. If you are experiencing issue logging into the DamagePreventionPortal or OneCallAccess, please revisit the site, DPP.MISSDIG811.ORG or OCA.MISSDIG811.ORG, and press {Ctrl]+[F5] on your keyboard to refresh your browser. In most browsers, pressing Ctrl+F5 will force the browser to retrieve the webpage from the server instead of loading it from the cache. Additionally, if you are not using Google Chrome as your browser, we highly recommend this.  


Ticket Entry Guides

API and Webhook Guides

If you are interested in using either API please reach out to Member Services via email at

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No Marks Ticket Video

 PositiveResponse Excavator Webhook Notifications and API Guide 


Feature Testing

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