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OneCallAccess and DamagePreventionPortal Updates Launching November 16, 2022


Start Date Bug Fixes

Work Legal Start Date Retransmit Bug- Users were able to retransmit tickets before the WLSD of the previous retransmit. With the update retransmits will only be accepted after the Work Legal Start Date.

Work to Begin & Work Legal Start Date and Times are Transmitting Incorrectly - This is an intermittent issue where ticket times are being set to midnight, giving members less time to respond to the ticket. EX: I submit a ticket on Monday at 2pm. The WLSD should be Thursday at 2pm but instead was 12AM on Thursday. With the update we expect this to no longer be an issue.

PosR-Incorrect Legal Start Date Displayed - The Positive Response System was not consistently providing the correct Work Legal Start Date in Positive Response. The system was rounding to the next day for tickets with WLSD later in the day. EX: A WLSD of 5pm on 11/14/22 on the ticket shows a 11/15/22 WLSD in PosR.

Incorrect Work Legal Start Date for Destroyed Markings - System was treating tickets retransmitted during business hours on Friday for Destroyed Markings as if it were a non-business day and setting the WLSD for 7am on Tuesday instead of 24 hours on business days (Monday).

Work Legal Start Date Calculations During/On a Holiday - Work Legal Start Date calculations during/ on holiday for short notice tickets were miscalculating. Testing has shown this to be working properly and MISS DIG 811 will also be testing over Thanksgiving.


Other Fixes

OneCallAccess User Settings Bug - User Settings were not always prepopulating onto the ticket. All ticket user settings will now be populated on each ticket. We strongly encourage you to review your settings.

Open Map Bug - When receiving a PDF of the ticket the hyperlink to open the map was not functioning. Members and contractors will be able to open the map using the link in new window.

Posting Additional Responses - During a previous update a restriction was put in place to limit the number of responses a station could have for a revision to one. Responses will not be limited; additional response will be accepted until the ticket expires.

Positive Response 'Response Code' Categories - In addition to lifting the ten-day restriction on posting. There are now additional categories for filtering tickets: EXPIRED, CANCELLED, DESIGN and WORK DONE. When a ticket has expired and no longer accepts a request it will be removed from the UNASSIGNED and placed in EXPIRED category. 

Ten Day Restriction on Positive Response Lifted - Positive Response can now be posted on all active tickets until the ticket expiration date and time.

Tickets Cancelled After the Work Legal Start Date - MISS DIG 811 caught two tickets that were cancelled after the Work Legal Start Date. A fix was put in place to not allow these types of tickets to be cancelled.

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