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Damage Reporting

Public Act 174 of 2013, MISS DIG 811 Underground Damage Prevention and Safety Act, requires that the Michigan Public Service Commission establish requirements for reporting incidents involving damage to underground facilities. The information that the MPSC will collect includes standard industry damage data, data unique to PA 174 and data that will assist in management of the data collection process. This data includes individuals involved in the damage and submission of information, date and location of the damage, facility and operation information, excavation information, notification and marking information, downtime, description of damages and root cause. The MPSC is required by PA174 to make information regarding damages and damages related to exemptions available on its website.

Facility owners and operators will be required to file data involving damage to underground facilities using the following process: Quarterly damage data shall be submitted by the 15th day of the second month following each quarter. The below chart contains all due dates.

Reporting Period Due Date 
1st Quarter May 15
2nd Quarter August 15
3rd Quarter November 15
4th Quarter  February 15

The data shall be submitted electronically in a .csv file.

The .csv file shall include all required fields and the data included in the file shall be submitted in the format as outlined in the document provided by the MPSC. The document can be found here.

As a service to our members, MISS DIG 811 has put together an Excel workbook with drop down lists for defined fields from the MPSC guidelines. This workbook can be used to satisfy MPSC requirements. We also put together a video which explains the components of the workbook.