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Research Requests for Expired or Lost Tickets

Per Section 6 (4) of PA174 of 2013, MISS DIG 811 maintains an archive of locate requests (tickets) for six years. MISS DIG 811 will, for a fee, search the archived requests. Please expect one to two weeks turn-around after payment is received.
To expedite the research process, please provide as much information on the work location as possible. If a portion of the information on the request form is not provided, thorough research may still be performed if the location of the work is given. Please do not assume that MISS DIG 811 will know the location of an address or a county in which a city, village, or township is located.
Research fees are based on records pertaining to one job and cover the cost of preparing the documents. For $96.30 you will receive a copy of the ticket and UPON REQUEST, a voice recording of the ticket if placed over the phone. Please note. Voice Recordings prior to 2022 are currently unavailable at this time.
For a prompt response to your research request please provide as much detail as possible prior to submitting this form If you have additional questions or have a large research request (multiple locations), contact the MISS DIG 811 Administration Office at 248-370-6400.

MISS DIG 811 Ticket Research Request:

Click here to complete a ticket research request