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OneCallAccess Ticket Entry Platform

MISS DIG 811 is now utilizing the OneCallAccess ticket entry platform for placing dig and design notices. The new platform provides users access to ticket entry, ticket history and positive response from the user dashboard.

To place a dig or design request, click Submit Locate Request on the home page of the MISS DIG 811 website. If you haven’t created a OneCallAccess account, click Sign Up Here on the log in page.

New OneCallAccess users have basic access to the ticket entry platform and can place normal 21-day tickets and design tickets. To create an accountby clicking Submit Locate Request from the home page at MISSDIG811.ORG then clicking Sign Up Here. 

·Normal 21-day tickets are for jobs that 20,000 sq ft or less in urban areas. That is equivalent to a 200ft X 100f lot. The limit in rural areas is 50,000 sq ft or less. 

·Design tickets are for the planning phase of a project. These jobs are not marked by locators. Instead, records or drawings of facilities are emailed to you. 

What Happens After a Ticket is Placed?

When a ticket is submitted, the user is emailed a PDF copy of the ticket. It contains contact information for facility owners. Use this contact information when you have a question regarding a response.

Facility owners are required to respond to a ticket by the Work Legal Start Date on the ticket. It is a requirement that excavators check Positive Response prior to digging to ensure all facility owners have marked or cleared the site. To check Positive Response, click Check Status from the home page of the MISS DIG 811 website or log into your OCA account and click Positive Response. Click on a ticket to see the responses. Be sure to open each response by clicking on its associated box. If a facility owner has not responded by the Work Legal Start date on the ticket indicating it is safe to dig (002) or clear (001), the ticket should be retransmitted. Retransmitting a ticket can be done online with an External Plus account or by calling the MISS DIG 811 Notification Center. Field crews can check the status of a ticket by going to POSR.MISSDIG811.ORG and entering a ticket number. This will display responses to the most recent version of the ticket.

Training & External Plus Accounts

A tutorial of the system is available in SkillBuilder, MISS DIG 811’s learning management system. To create an account or to log into SkillBuilder click . To complete the tutorial online, click OneCallAccess Tutorial (Plan/Ticket Entry/ Positive Response).

New users may also attend a OneCallAccess Tutorial webinar for a more hands on introduction to the system. Webinars last approximately two hours. Sign up in SkillBuilder by clicking OneCallAccess Tutorial Webinar.

All new users will have access to place normal 21-day dig tickets and design tickets. To place all ticket types including Normal 180-day, Project 21-day, Project 180-day, Emergency, Short Notice, and Retransmits, a OneCallAccess External Plus account is needed. Go to the Excavator Pros Training page for more information.

If have questions, require assistance placing a ticket, accessing past tickets, or viewing Positive Response, please contact the Web Ticket Department at

Commitment from all stakeholders contributes to the success of our Damage Prevention Program and helps promote safe digging.

One aspect of the State’s Damage Prevention Program is local Damage and Safety Alliance (DSA's) supported by MISS DIG 811’s Education Specialists. These local groups are typically comprised of excavators, utility operators, municipalities, utility locators, engineering firms, and other industry stakeholders. DSA’s are regional groups throughout the state who meet on a regular basis. At these meetings a forum is held where stakeholders can share information and perspectives, which provides an optimal environment to work together on damage prevention issues. In promoting a spirit of shared responsibility, regional DSA's welcome all stakeholders who would like to be a part of the damage prevention solution. DSA meeting dates, times and locations can be requested from the education department at