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Member Reference Materials and Resources

Members have a variety of ways to access training material on both the MISS DIG 811 process and the tools available to them. The links below provide you with quick reference to a variety of topics, as well as forms for the establishment of new membership or new codes. We encourage members to utilize and complete the trainings available through Skillbuilder, which is the MISS DIG 811 curriculum platform.

Getting Involved: Committees and The Board of Directors

MISS DIG 811 and the Damage Prevention industry are better off when stakeholders get involved. We solicit feedback from our members through many forms including mutual participation in committees, including the Michigan Damage Prevention Board, MISS DIG 811s Ticket Initiation Management and Execution, and numerous other committees. Information including committees and how to get involved can be found on the committee pages.

For those interested in helping steer MISS DIG 811, serving on the Board of Directors is the perfect fit for individuals who have demonstrated significant achievements in damage prevention, business, and/or public service. Learn more about the Role of the Board, the MISS DIG 811 culture, and what we are looking for in our Directors.