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The Member Services Department provides support during the hours of 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, except on MISS DIG 811 observed holidays.

Why Become a Member?

Protect your underground facilities or leverage the system to help others keep their infrastructure safe.

Entities that own/operate underground facilities as defined in Public Act 174 of 2013 are, in many cases, required to be members of the Notification System. MISS DIG 811 is the Notification System for the State of Michigan.

What Does Membership Mean?

As a member of MISS DIG 811, you will receive notice when someone is planning to excavate near your underground infrastructure. This notice is commonly referred to as a “ticket.” Upon receipt of a ticket, it is then your responsibility to comply with state law and mark your underground infrastructure.

Part of compliance with state law is cooperating in Positive Response, which MISS DIG 811 also operates. Once a facility owner has physically marked the location of their underground infrastructure within the work area on a ticket, they post a “response” to the system. Excavators are required to check responses on tickets placed prior to beginning their work to ensure all facility owners have received the ticket and located their lines.  

What is the Cost of Membership?

MISS DIG 811 is a non-profit association comprised of facility owner and associate members united in the goal of safeguarding underground facilities and promoting damage prevention. We are funded by the membership, who, under the law, are required to protect their infrastructure. The cost of membership is proportionate to the number of notices received from the system. State law does provide for free membership in some cases. The membership types below provide information related to potential special pricing. For additional information, see our Membership Fees document.

Which Membership Type is Right for Me?

Select the membership type below that best represents you below to learn more about the benefits and which best suits you.

Contractor Locator
Contractor Excavator
Land Use
Privately Owned
Public Agency
Utility Company

Ready to Become a Member?

Begin your onboarding process today by completing the appropriate onboarding documents located under New Member Paperwork at

If you are looking for more information on membership or have questions, please contact us at 800.482.7161 or You can also complete the form below and we will reach out to you with the requested information.