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The MISS DIG 811 Member Services Department provides our membership with a variety of services to assist in complying with PA 174 and protecting underground infrastructure.

Excavator Education Program (EEP)

On behalf of participating gas and pipeline companies, MISS DIG 811 publishes a One Call Excavation Handbook that is delivered to all Michigan excavators known to MISS DIG 811. The list is compiled using the database of callers into the Notification Center, advertisers in trade publications, and lists provided to MISS DIG 811 by EEP participants.

This program fulfills certain requirements of pipeline operator members of MISS DIG 811, as outlined in the Michigan Gas Safety Code. Each participating member receives access to a PDF of the mailing list and the handbook distributed to demonstrate compliance with the requirements. The handbooks are mailed out annually by mid-March. The program also contains a survey for completion by recipients. The survey results are used to improve the handbook in upcoming years. Once the survey results are calculated, they are made available to the program participants.

Please visit the EEP webpage for more information, including a copy of the most recent handbook. 


The MISS DIG 811 Member Services Department will use the resources at our disposal to retrieve and present data requested by members.  

Standard Reports 

Data can be provided for specific time frames as requested. 

  • Positive Response Statistics 
    • Per station code 
    • Data Included: Job Created Date, Response Due Date, Response Date, Work Expiry Date, Ticket Type, Station Code, Member Name, Ticket-Revision Number, Response Code, Response Remark/Comment 
  • Ticket Count 
    • Per station code 
    • Data Included: Ticket Submitted By, Ticket-Revision Number, Created Date, Start Date, Medium, [Notification/Delivery] Status, Station Code, Station Code Name, [Ticket] Street, and [Ticket] City 
  • Transmission Details 
    • Per member company (data must be pulled one month or less at a time) 
    • Data Included: Member Company Name, Member Company Billing ID, Subscription Name, Station Codes [Applied to Subscription], Ticket Number, Revision Number, Created Date, Start Date, Medium, Ticket Type, Original/Resend, Transmission Value [Subscription] 

If you are looking for data outside of what is outlined above, please contact the Member Services Department at to provide a description. We are happy to review your request and provide a quote if it’s data we can obtain. 

If you are a member simply looking for an expired ticket or ticket you did not place or that is not associated with your stations, please contact the Member Services Department. Non-members must complete a Research Request.


There is a cost associated with any data requested, as this information takes time to pull from the system and compile. Reports will incur an hourly rate of $60. Quotes will be provided before the work is completed.The base fee charged will be $15 (15 minutes). 


User Accounts

User accounts allow ticket entry users, facility owner/operator members, and associate members remote access to the MISS DIG 811 PelicanCorp platforms. There are user accounts for both ticket entry and management of underground assets as a facility owner/operator member or contract locator; users that do both can use the same set of login credentials for both the OneCallAccess (OCA) and DamagePreventionPortal (DPP) platforms if set-up is completed correctly through OCA first. It's important to note that users who only place tickets online through OCA are not necessarily members of MISS DIG 811 and therefore may not require access to DPP.

DPP user accounts incur an annual maintenance fee of $38.55 per account. Accounts used for posting to Positive Response through our API (PosR API) are excluded from this.