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The Member Services Department of MISS DIG 811 provides a variety of services to the membership to assist in complying with PA 174 and protecting underground infrastructure. Below you will find some of the services the department and MISS DIG 811 offer.


MISS DIG 811 uses GIS (Geographic Information System) tools to upload the data denoting the location of your underground facilities.

Members can upload directly to their Station Codes through the AuthorityViewer via their Damage Prevention Portal.

For members without GIS software, Member Support suggests the use of Google Maps. We find that the program is user intuitive for most of our member. The Member Support team has put together a quick easy to follow guide for using google maps; it is located on the resources page.

In addition to supporting members in creating and maintaining their own maps, the department works with members who have non-gis data such as GIF, PDF, or paper prints. We offer three hours of this service free to members each year. Additional hours are billed at $49.00


For data members cannot retrieve through the Damage Prevention Portal, the Member Support Department will use the resources at their disposal to retrieve and present any data for our members.

Contact the Member Services Department for a customized report. Quotes will be provided before work is completed.

If you are simply looking for an expired ticket, or ticket not associated with your Station Codes or placed by you, MISS DIG 811 retains ticket information and will be provided via a Research Request


Remote Member Access

The DamagePreventionPortal is an addition to your OneCallAccess account and provides member access to the MISS DIG 811 System to research and query tickets, post Positive Responses, and view member notification areas. User Accounts incur a small annual maintenance fee of $38.55.


Excavator Education Program (EEP)

On behalf of participating gas and pipeline companies, MISS DIG 811 publishes a One Call Excavation Handbook that is delivered to all Michigan excavators known to MISS DIG 811. The list is compiled using the database of callers into the Notification Center, advertisers in trade publications, and lists provided to MISS DIG 811 by EEP participants. This program fulfills certain requirements of Pipeline Operator Members of the MISS DIG 811 System, as outlined in the Michigan Gas Safety Code. Each participating member receives access to a PDF of the mailing list and the handbook distributed to demonstrate compliance with the requirements. The handbooks are mailed out annually by mid-March. The program also contains a survey for completion by recipients. The survey results are used to improve the handbook in upcoming years. Once the survey results are calculated, they are made available to the program participants. Please visit the EEP page under the Excavator section of the website for more information, including a copy of the most recent handbook. 

If you are a gas or pipeline member and would like to get involved in the MISS DIG 811 System's Excavator Education Program, please complete the form below.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Collaborative Design

As of December 14, 2021, the Collaborative Design program is no longer available. We are excited to announce, that as part of the platform changes, Design Firms will no longer be required to be an Associate Member of MISS DIG 811 to place Design Tickets. FULL SCOPE DESIGN TICKETS WILL NOW BE FREE! 

If you are not an existing Design User, and use our free ePlan service, you will now have the enhanced ability to place standard design tickets; no longer limited to the single address scope. Please visit the Ticket Entry webpage to learn more about creating design requests.