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Damage Prevention Portal:

The Damage Prevention Portal provides member access to the MISS DIG 811 System to research and query tickets, post Positive Responses, and view member notification areas. User Accounts incur a small annual maintenance fee of $38.55.

The Damage Prevention Portal Access is an upgrade or promotion for a user's OneCallAccess account. This will allow your login credentials will be the same for both access types. OneCallAccess is the access for placing tickets and viewing tickes placed. The Damage Prevention Portal is for viewing and responding to tickets received.

If you already have a OneCallAccess account to place tickets, simply complete the form below, including what level of access you need.


New to MISS DIG 811? Or the Pelican Platform?

Prior to submitting the form, please establish a OneCallAccess account. The account will allow you to place tickets and will allow MISS DIG 811 to link your OneCallAccess account with your Damage Prevention Portal account. Creating an account is simple: Start Here

User Roles Available

The different types of user roles available to the membership are shown in the chart below. If one individual will be utilizing the system, a full-access account should be established. Access accounts are user-specific and benefit members by providing increased internal controls. MISS DIG 811 staff will not share your login credentials with other individuals.



OneCallAccessTM Polygon(s)

The polygon(s) transmitted on MISS DIG 811 tickets represent Public Act 174 of 2013 Section 5. (2) (b) “A description of the proposed area of blasting or excavation, including the street address and a property description”.

Excavators providing a dig notice to MISS DIG 811 communicate their area of excavation by either creating a polygon of the dig site location or communicating the area to a MISS DIG 811 representative who in turn completes a polygon. The polygon is transmitted on the MISS DIG 811 ticket to the facility owners. The polygon reflects the area the excavator has designated to MISS DIG 811 as the excavation/blasting area to be located and marked. Positive Responses provided are for the entire area covered under the polygon associated with the ticket.

Address information is also collected and provided in the dig ticket. Facility Owners and/or Operators are responsible for determining the precise area to mark their facilities in response to the dig ticket, whether by locating either the entire property of the address of the dig ticket or only the polygon area determined by the excavator.

Additional information provided on a ticket such as remarks, Latitude, and Longitude are there to assist locators in understanding the polygon, they do not replace or alter the area represented by the address and polygon.