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The 29th Annual Meeting & Winter Stakeholder Summit

January 16th-17th, 2024

at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant

Who should attend: Members including Excavators, contractors, facility owners, locators, and municipalities can attend this two-day educational and networking event.

MISS DIG 811 will be offering Education, Member Services, and Web Ticket informational sessions. Look through the itinerary below to find the sessions for you:

Schedule Stakeholder Summit

To register for the sessions you would like to attend please enter your information below.


Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Accommodations

6800 Soaring Eagle Blvd, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Rooms can be secured at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort for the discounted rate of $139.00/night. To reserve a room click the link https://www.soaringeaglecasino/resort/ or call:


and reference the MISS DIG 811 Winter Summitt event code: MD011524


Safe Digging Advocate Award

Each year, MISS DIG 811 honors one individual or organization for their dedication to damage prevention and advocacy of the safe digging message. The winner is announced and presented with their award at the MISS DIG 811 Annual Meeting. Please click on the trophy below to nominate someone.


MISS DIG 811 Board of Directors

MISS DIG 811 is currently looking to fill the Long Distance Carrier and Pipeline Operator seats on our Board of Directors.

The age-old saying goes, "You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.”

MISS DIG 811 wants to surround ourselves with the best. We are looking for individuals who have demonstrated significant achievements in damage prevention, business, or public service to serve on our Board of Directors. We recognize that each employee brings unique capabilities, experiences, and characteristics to work; we value such diversity at all levels of the company in everything we do. TheMISS DIG 811 Diversity Statement and Policy applies to all levels of our organization.

The focus of MISS DIG 811 is the protection of underground facilities and those working near them; therefore, experience in damage prevention and safe excavation practices are of value. As a member of the Board, you will help set the direction of MISS DIG 811.

The Board meets quarterly to review the financial standing of MISS DIG 811 and progress on organizational objectives. Feedback and insight from our Board of Director's aid senior leadership in addressing the concerns of our members and the needs of our users. The overall capability and experience of individual Board candidates will determine one’s aptness.The attributes outlined in MISS DIG 811 Candidate Considerations aredesirable inall Board of Director candidates.

41% of non-profits struggle with recruiting quality board members who are passionate about the non-profit's damage prevention work is too crucial for MISS DIG 811 to be another statistic.