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Ticket Initiation Management Execution (TIME) & Locator Action Committee (LAC)

TIME & LAC Committees - MISS DIG 811 - TIME

Meetings will be held via teleconference, with web screen share information and call in number provided by MISS DIG 811 monthly. MISS DIG 811 will host a teleconference for the TIME committee at the MISS DIG 811 office before the Locator Action Committee, LAC, meetings monthly. Teleconferences will be held the fourth Thursday of the month at 10 am before LAC.

TIME Meeting Minutes:

For those interested in joining Sub-SETT, formerly Sub-TIME

We are no longer accepting applications from anyone who previously did not apply to be on the committee. All current applicants must complete all available training courses by Wednesday, October 6 at 10:00 AM. Applications for the committee will reopen in March 2022 and any outstanding applications will be reviewed at that time. Anyone is still allowed to attend TIME Committee meetings, please contact Katie Gruzwalski at if interested in joining the TIME Committee.